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Sanjay Divecha is a composer and guitarist. His quest for complete musical expression has been a cross border search, both physical and cultural.

Sanjay graduated in 1989 from the Guitar Institute of Technology (Musician’s Institute; M.I). In 2007, he released his album "Full Circle", an autobiographical portrait of a musician who has returned to his Indian roots without forsaking the invaluable musical experience afforded to him by the West. The track "Naino Sey", featuring Kailash Kher, has been selected by Putumayo for their "India" compilation.

Sanjay’s current musical output involves the use of indo-centric folk traditions and classical music—both Hindustani and Carnatic interspersed with his comprehensive experience spanning the music of Brazil, Africa and the Americas—all with acoustic sensibilities.

Sanjay DivechaSanjay DivechaSanjay Divecha
Past Gigs

Sanjay Divecha performed all across India and also abroad at the Playboy Jazz Festival, Hollywood Bowl and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

His experience has involved playing music with artists such as Angelique Kidjo, Carlos Santana, Michael McDonald, Fred Raulston, Dave Weckl, Louis Johnson, Dumazz and Sambaguru among others.